Bus Stop Cafe, Enmore

Bus Stop Cafe, Enmore

Artecaffe coffee. 297 Enmore Rd, Enmore. This is a surprising space – at first glance from the graffiti next door, you might worry about the tidiness of the place itself, but there’s nothing to worry about. There’s a feature wall painted with blackboard paint on it, and visiting kids are encouraged to draw on it.

If you’re looking for a less chalky way to keep kids occupied, there are a range of communal toys, and a choice of high chairs to keep an unruly little one under control. The music is subdued, and makes for a pleasant space to pass the time.

Sadly, they don’t sell decaf at all – they offer me a weak latte instead, which is very pleasant. Smooth, velvet like milkwork, and the coffee is ground to order. Worth a look, whether you have kids with you or not.

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