Ye Olde, Bicycle Shop, Bundanoon

Ye olde bicycle shop cafe, bundanoon

Lavazza coffee. 11 Church St, Bundanoon. Disappointingly, there’s no Vodafone coverage in all of the town, which slowed down my progress on blogging this one. Part bicycle shop, but mostly cafe, this is a place where you can hire a bike to ride in the nearby Morton national park. There’s some effort made to accommodate children – some patrons are here with strollers, others can grab a high chair, and there are table-cloths made of butchers’ paper, with coloured pencils provided for drawing on the table.

A range of food options are around: – on the counter there are options of savoury muffins, and – being Bundanoon – there are water bottles to purchase. The town is completely free of bottled water, and has water bottle refill stations near the shops.

No decaf grinder. They serve up an ultra hot (hard to pick up for the first few minutes), milky coffee. Drinkable.

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  1. Hey Dave, it was nice to see you had a post on bundanoon. I like bundanoon, good memories of the weekend we all spent there and it is also cookies’ home town.

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