follow-up to superbowl old spice commercial

I don’t often embed videos in this blog: life is short, and you can waste a lot of time watching video online. It would be a shame to overlook this one, though. You’ve probably seen the original (superbowl) Old Spice video currently at around 11 million views).

Update (2-Jul-10): the original ad won a Cannes Lion award. Thanks, @jetswain.

Today I finally watched the follow-up. There’s also a facebook page and youtube channel for the series of ads.

Why does this series of ads work so well? It creates a sense of wonder (how did they do that), has a playful attitude, and keeps mentioning the product. It’s made, I think, to be shared with other people.

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  1. LOL! What a co-incidence: we saw the original on The Gruen Transfer on Wednesday night. Didn’t realise there was a follow-up. Thanks for posting.

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