cuppa coffee, sylvania

cuppa coffee, sylvania

Cuppacoffee coffee. 55 Princes Hwy, Sylvania. I think this was the last place I would have expected to find a coffee roastery. Showing up on a search on the bean hunter iPhone app, I was saddened to find that they’re not open on Sundays, and had to wait a number of weeks before I could visit this place when the doors were open.

Oddly, the first thing you notice when you walk in is an ATM. Once you’ve become accustomed to that sight, you start to notice the other details. The green painted timber is a distinctive theme that’s carried throughout, giving this place its own personality.

where the magic happens

There are beans for sale, with blend names like “defibrillator”, and a broad range of coffee equipment around for purchase.

beans for sale

You can tell just from the coffee spoon that came with this espresso (in a $60 cup, roaster Dennis assures me) that they’re taking every aspect of the coffee experience into consideration.

sample coffees

When I order a decaf latte, instead of the derision that I’m used to experiencing, I’m challenged – “tell me if this isn’t the best decaf you’ve ever tasted”. This is a pretty high bar, but the coffee stands up to the challenge – it’s certainly in the top three of any of the decafs I’ve tried in a lot of review writing.

If you’re thinking about compiling a list of the best coffees in Sydney, I would go so far as to say that you need to visit here before making up your mind. I’m looking forward to my next visit.


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  1. After extensively travelling the world I am glad and proud to say that the cuppacoffee experience (coffee, service, atmosphere) is the most satisfying and nowhere has come close! I love coffee but ADORE Denis’s coffee. Rach

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