sermon – assurance

If you’ve been following my tweets over the past few weeks, you’ll know that I’ve been working on a sermon for the last little while. Unlike the last one, it’s on a more “Christian-y” topic – the working title was “How can I know I have been forgiven by God and belong to Christ?”.

Obviously this is a topic that is of more interest to Christians than to non-Christians, but I’ve tried to explain any jargon that was involved, in case you’re curious. What I haven’t done (there just wasn’t time in the format) was tried to explain why you might be prepared to agree that the bible is trustworthy, and represents the teaching of Jesus, and indeed of God – if you’re not at that point, then you’ll probably have trouble following the rest of the thread of the sermon.

At least one person has asked if I’ll be podcasting it so I’ve taken the recording from my iPhone (using Voice Memo) and converted it to MP3: – pardon the rustling of papers and the occasional bump of the lectern.

Download the sermon (22:43) (the bible readings were Genesis 15:1-6, and Romans 4:16-5:2.

I would – as ever – welcome any feedback you have for me.

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