The Falconer, Surry Hills

The Falconer, Surry Hills

Golden Cobra coffee (Timothy Dalton blend decaf). 31 Oxford St, Surry Hills. How many times have I walked past here and not noticed it?!

interior of the falconer (1/2)
Walk in past the licenced bar and coffee machine and your seating choice is green vinyl clad booths – if you prefer, there are a couple of ordinary tables at the front of the cafe.

interior of the falconer (2/2)
There’s a big collection of vinyl records on display, and an old record player is playing the kind of tracks that wouldn’t be out of place in the film "High Fidelity".

Coffee is promptly made, and – though there’s no decaf grinder in sight – the beans appear to be ground on site at some stage. It’s a fresh tasting, smooth cup with a complex aftertaste: straw and caramel.

beef burger and fries, the falconer
The meals are really well made too: from the specials board was this burger with fries ($15).

A really relaxed place to spend time. Highly recommended. Unsurprised to find that this cafe is the work of (former “Well Connected” owner Jack Sheen).

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  1. so glad you recommend this place because i’ve been highly recommended to go but have yet to find the time. i used to think it was an old coffee shop that had never changed until a friend mentioned it’s now a nice place inside to get a decent well priced meal. on my long long list of places to check it eventually 🙂

  2. One of the few cafes that have space for booths – the type of seating that customers love but most cafe owners can’t find room for. This place has been around for soooo long – it used to be Aristotle? Not sure it’s a food heritage we should treasure, but it’s definitely a slice of the past.

  3. This place is a great find, I stumbled on it last year and will never forget it (I don’t have reason to go that way but if I am ever around again I will be back!)

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