500 cafe review posts in 1,658 days!

A little milestone for the blog here: tonight I posted my 500th cafe review post.

It all started with the little but great Seed Cafe (now closed) at Wynyard back on February 10, 2006 with my trusty old i-Mate K-JAM. Since then I’ve upgraded to an iPhone 3G, become a father, switched to decaf, and changed jobs twice.

It’s mostly been clear sailing: I’ve had one cafe owner ask me to take a post down (and I complied), and one ask me not to take a photo. I’ve been recognised only a few times, which suits me just fine: – I’m happy to review with as much anonymity as I can muster.

Quite a few of the cafes I’ve reviewed have changed management, or type of coffee, or closed down since reviewing them, and there have been a couple of cafes I’ve reviewed twice, but it’s been a lot of fun forcing myself to go to out-of-the-way spots in search of a good coffee (more recently a good decaf).

And the list goes on: there are still a few more on my “to-visit” list, and plenty more to explore.

Is there anything in particular you’d like me to add to my normal review “template”? At the moment, I try to cover

  • brand of coffee
  • address of cafe
  • rough description of cafe
  • description of the coffee – usually a decaf latte these days
  • something good about the cafe

Am I missing anything? What’s your favourite cafe?

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  1. Congrats, Dave! What a milestone!

    Some suggestions for things to add to future reviews:

    Whether there are toilets
    Time of day when you are there

  2. An objective social ranking indicator might be nice to add. Like a headcount of the number of hipster/dufus/cyclist/wifiuser present at the time.

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