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  1. Interesting quiz, Dave. I disagreed with its conclusions, though. It tried to call me out for the following inconsistencies:

    a) If God exists, He can do anything (I said: TRUE)
    b) If God exists, could He make 1+1=72 (I said: FALSE)

    From a purely logical perspective, I can hold these two inconsistent beliefs, because of the, y’know, atheist thing. In fact, the very inconsistency of these two beliefs can only be reconciled by my belief that God doesn’t exist.

    Apart from that nitpick, fun test, however. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. I think it’s trying to make sure that the God you don’t believe in behaves in a logically consistent manner. I think the underlying assumption of the test is that you have faith in some kind of God, but I’m glad you liked the logic-puzzle nature of the test.

  3. i got a medal!!!
    take THAT all my previous teachers. turns out im not so stupid after all.

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