french toast, bardwell park

French toast, bardwell park

Coffee Roaster coffee. 14 Hartill Law Ave, Bardwell Park. I heard about this place from twitter when it first opened, and so I made a particular journey to check it out. It’s incredibly close to the train station, and yet seems to have really high standards for food and coffee. The owner remained on the phone for over seven minutes I was there for the takeaway order (business call) – not the friendly or prompt service I was hoping for. Granted, this was after lunchtime.

Inside, it’s a really interesting space: – there is a french theme throughout, and a mix of different seats that work together really well. The name and opening hours of the cafe are written in texta, it seems, on the glass – I’ve never seen that before!

No decaf grinder: preground coffee is stored in a metal container. The coffee, though, is quite okay: nothing to write home about, but certainly drinkable.

Has anyone had a good experience here to offset my own bad experience?

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  1. Hi

    I’m a resident in Bardwell Park and I often get my food from here on my lunch break. The lady is very nice though is a little unprofessional at times when she is talking on the phone. Her sandwiches are fantastic around $6-$9 and she has a wide variety of breads, I particularly love her Russian Rye bread. As far as coffee goes, i’m not a drinker myself however those who I work with do get coffee from her often so it must be okay. When we’re busy and cannot wait for the sandwich to be made she even brings it up to us on a tray! Now that is service.

    Apart from her talking on the phone and being unprofessional at times she is always polite and I adore her sandwiches.

  2. Closed and with newspaper on windows. Perhaps she should have got off the stupid phone.

  3. I heard from a local guy on my second trip back that she
    has gone to open a shop near Town Hall because she didn’t get many
    customers there. I had good coffee the one time I went.

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