Kay Geez Cafe, Kogarah

Kay Geez Cafe, Kogarah

Aroma cafe. Shop A1, 5-9 Belgrave St, Kogarah. It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to check out a new cafe in Kogarah. This one – on a corner – has a mix of indoor and outdoor seating, and a big amount of the indoor space taken up with the counter and coffee machine.

Impressively for a small place, they have a good range of food options, including some clearly labelled gluten free options. They also have aroma-branded keep cups up for sale, for those who have an interest in being seen interested in helping the environment.

Ask one of the helpful staff for a decaf grinder, and – once you’ve paid the 50c decaf tax – you’ll be able to get a smooth, earthy decaf latte.

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  1. Hey Dave, I’ve just been flicking (or clicking I suppose!) through your blog and really enjoy your reviews. I found myself in Kogarah early the other morning and desperately wanted a coffee so (reluctantly) I headed to Kay Geez, unsure of what the coffee would be like (I’m a terrible coffee snob). I was pleasantly suprised at how friendly the staff were and my soy flat white was pretty darn good too! Looking forward to more of your reviews.

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