Baffi and Mo Espresso, Redfern

Baffi and Mo Espresso, Redfern
Artecaffe coffee. 94 Redfern St, Redfern. I spotted this place on my way to eat st diner (which now appears to be closed). I think it was the stylised moustache logo that made me remember it, and it wasn’t too long before I made the trek to check it out.

egglets and muffins, baffi and mo's

When you first walk in to look at what food might be on offer, you’ll be struck with the display of egglets and muffins: – they’re filled with a creative range of gourmet ingredients. If you take them away (especially the chorizo, tomato and egg egglet) you might find them a little oily: – the one I had leaked through its paper bag rather severely, and was a little tricky to eat without cutlery. They’re delicious, but I would try and eat in with them, not take them away.

the kitchen, baffi and mo's

Look beyond the muffins and you’ll see a bustling kitchen: there’s always something to look at, and an impressive moustache or two to be seen!

where the magic happens, baffi and mo's

This brings us on to the coffee. They have a decaf grinder, and they grind each coffee to order. It’s $3.8 for an excellent, slightly nutty, decaf latte that is well worth the visit in itself. This is one of those places that reminds me why I like drinking coffee.

sit down and read the paper, baffi and mo's

If you’re looking for a longer stay, you can sit and read the paper, and enjoy some daylight, the buzz of conversations around you, and the interior design.

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