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In the movie Serenity, actor Chiwetel Ejiofor plays a character with no name, a “true believer” who is working tirelessly away to create a better world. Unfortunately, because of the way he goes about it, there is no way he can be part of that world.

I’ve found myself in a similar situation. Having put some time into a project, and seen it reach a certain level of success (and learned some painful lessons in the process) it seems there’s nothing much left to keep me involved anymore.

Had anyone else had that kind of experience? What’s been the hardest part of letting go for you?

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  1. Sounds like a few consulting projects I’ve done – I realised that I cared more about the outcomes and success of the project than the people who comissioned me! Makes it hard to stay motivated, and wonder whether I got the brief right at the beginning.

    I now spend a lot more time on getting a detailed brief – usually having to do via a Q&A reverse-brief to get anything satisfactory. This has meant several projects never got off the ground, and those that did were more satisfying. Good luck with your next job or project!

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