three tone cafe, Chinatown / Sydney

three tone cafe, haymarket

Belaroma Coffee. Shop 8,405-411 Sussex Street, Sydney. I saw this place not long after it was opened, and was really surprised that a western-styled cafe was open in the midst of Chinatown in Sydney. A few weeks later, I managed to return to try their decaf. When walking through the door, you’re greeted with a lot of enthusiasm.

where the magic happens -  three tone cafe, haymarket

As you can see, the counter has a lot of space dedicated to the coffee machine and the grinder – the decaf itself is pre-ground, but it still manages to be pleasant, with a hint of nutiness.

menu - three tone cafe

The menu is a mix of East and West: there’s the usual sandwiches and cafe fare, but there are also some Vietnamese dishes – I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but I’m looking forward to giving this place another try.

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  1. Favourite (and best) Chinatown cafe! Great Vietnamese Iced Coffee (not on the menu). Throughly enjoy the food and service. My mates are going there now for take aways when we are working the area.

  2. Dear Staff of Three Tone Cafe,
    While looking for somewhere not far from the Capitol Theatre to be able to have lunch, I was guided to this quaint cafe which is partly hidden down an alley way in China Town.
    The food was beautiful, freshly made, the staff were very kind, friendly and curtious, what I had for lunch was the perfect thing that I was needing for lunch and filled me up to be full.
    Since my first encounter of this discovery of a cafe, with such great food, I have been back there again.
    Situated in the front window they have cakes and tarts for the day which look absolutely delicious but I never have any room to be able to try one, maybe on my next trip, I will.

  3. I discovered three tone by chance. Staying @ my usual hotel, breakfree, I was thrilled to know I can just roll out of bed & get a hot coffee & friendly service. I have been going thee since feb 2011 & each & everytime I get my usual double shot, latte, short black & free newspaper in the magazine rack. I am very fussy about my coffee & I have to say for a new shop the husband & wife team try very very hard to please their customers. I watch them, I listen to them……these guys really care for their business,staff & customers. I highly recommend this clean & friendly coffee bar. Put your feet up & they will smother you with kindness. The place is still newly open, so everyone support three tone so they stay open for us. 🙂 mmmmmm love that espresso mate!

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