Mecca Espresso, Ultimo

mecca espresso, ultimo

Mecca Espresso coffee. 646 Harris St, Ultimo. Open a week now, but in some ways you’d never know it. Yes, there’s no signage yet, and there are no hours on display, but the interior is ready to go, the food menu is up and running, and the coffee has been pouring freely this whole time.

where the magic happens - mecca espresso, ultimo

Walk into the shop, and the first thing you’ll see is the cash register and the main coffee machine, with the grinders in the background. Orders are taken at the register, then you can find a seat, or grab a glass of water and/or read the newspaper while you’re waiting.

plenty of seating - mecca espresso, ultimo

Appropriately for a venue across the road from a cafe, the seating is predominantly those wooden chairs that you may remember from government high schools (before the plastic chairs came in). They’re surprisingly comfortable, and not prone to having loose nails like their school compatriots.

a big counter - mecca espresso, ultimo

If you’re waiting for food, you’ll be able to pick it up at a different counter, and perhaps stop for a chat. There’s also a display of siphons, tea and other coffee-related things for sale.

water station - mecca espresso, ultimo

Water is self-serve, with an elegant tap assembly and a stack of fresh glasses nearby.

big communal table - mecca espresso, ultimo

There’s the usual options for seating at 2 or 4-tops, but also a large communal table that seats 10. This would be a great spot for a meeting!

As with any new place, there are some gaps: they have some breakfast ($4 – 9.50) and lunch (around $10) menu options, but there are no biscotti or muffins or small morning tea items.

Coffee, though, is fantastic. Even the decaf (50c decaf tax) is ground-to-order, has a rich flavour with a slightly nutty finish. It’s the sort of place that you always hope will open near your office. Highly recommended.

First heard about the cafe via Inner West Live.

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  1. The first thing I noticed about the pictures as i scrolled down through the post was those school chairs! We had them too (I didn’t go to a government school) and they *are* surprisingly comfortable. A place I wouldn’t mind checking out on my next visit to el norte…

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