Icoco Cafe, Milsons Point

Icoco Cafe, Milsons Point

Grinders Giancarlo coffee. 110 Alfred St, Milsons Point. Another recommendation from my contact page. This place is significantly raising the bar for interior design in Milsons Point. When I first walked past, I was worried that I had the wrong place – surely this place was a restaurant and not a cafe? Step inside, however, and you realise that the chandelier is a decorative touch, not an indicator of tablecloths and silverware. Instead, you see a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with a diverse range of books, white tables and bright red chairs.

There’s a range of tasty-looking pastries behind glass, and there’s also a wide choice of muffins ready to take and run.

muffins, Icoco Cafe, Milsons Point

Coffee – there’s no decaf grinder – is well-prepared, and so while nothing outstanding in terms of nuance is nonetheless a highly drinkable cup. A welcome addition to this part of Sydney, and worth a look if you have some time to spare here.

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