robocog, surry hills

robocog, surry hills

Robocog coffee. 249 Riley St, Surry Hills. A relative newcomer to the Surry Hills scene, this place nonetheless has their service patterns down pat, and the place is well decorated to become a local favourite. The name is a combination (presumably) of robot and bicycle cog, and the decor features both in suitable numbers. The various kitsch old robots are great to look at, and the hipper-than-average crowd do their best to ignore it.

indoor eating, robocog, surry hills

The theme is carried out all the way to the tips jar:

tips please, robocog, surry hills

And this little piece on the wall.

robocog, robocog, surry hills

The coffee, though, is really pleasant. Though the decaf is not ground-to-order, it has a fresh, lively taste. Great milk-work (and, despite a lack of child-friendliness in the seating and the attitudes of the patrons), they do a mean babycino.

decaf latte and babycino, robocog, surry hills

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