project 8 cafe, ultimo

project 8 cafe, ultimo

10 Q Coffee. 137 Broadway, Ultimo. I’m always on the lookout for a new place, and after watching this shopfront go through a long renovation process, I was excited to see that they’ve opened their doors as of this Monday.

Obviously, the externals of the cafe are still pretty basic as they get into a routine, but the inside is really impressive: lots of timber, and a room out the back with couches and a coffee table.

where the magic happens - project 8 cafe, ultimoI haven’t had a chance to try the food yet, but the decaf is impressive. There’s a decaf grinder, and everything is ground to order. The barista knows what he’s doing, and is making really good milk to go with the coffee.

Try it out before it gets too busy!


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  1. Try their coffee when you have the time. It’s spectacular with strong smooth nuances of hazelnut and fruity insertions. I’m hooked.

  2. Totally awesome coffee experience! The place radiants a warm ambiance, and the hand made furniture does add a shade of tradition to the joint!

    No doubt one of the most promising place coming up in the outskirt of CBD,

  3. A little different than what I am used to , but definitely 5 stars to the coffee and the food. The lack of efficiency is off-set by the fact that they prepare everything to order.

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