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cafe japas bar, alexandria

Gravity 6 degrees coffee. 38 Mitchell Rd, Alexandria. If you’ve ever driven Mitchell Rd, to and from Sydney Park Rd, you will have noticed the Japanese lanterns outside this place, and wondered what kind of place it was.

cafe japas bar, alexandria

Oddly situated next to what looks like a reserve, there’s a community garden along one wall, and plenty of outdoor seating. If you’re looking for the bathroom, the door to the bathroom is in the alley behind the cafe.

At night, this place is transformed into a japas bar where you can order individual Japanese dishes, and drink a range of different beers. I’ll leave the evening program to someone else to review.

The food menu is a mix of Japanese food and standard cafe fare. Here are a few samples:

cafe japas bar, alexandria

Chicken Teriyaki box, $14

cafe japas bar, alexandria

Salmon Teriyaki box, $14

cafe japas bar, alexandria

Pancakes with fruit salad and maple syrup, $14.5.

where the magic happens - cafe japas bar, alexandria

Coffee is quite good – there’s no dedicated decaf grinder that I can see, but the millwork is top-notch, and there are some earthy tones in the decaf that you don’t get in the Sydney-roasted coffees I’ve tried lately.

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