Window’s Coffee, Bankstown

window's coffee, bankstown

Primo Coffee. 256 Chapel Road Sth, Bankstown. I’d driven past this place any number of times in search of Vietnamese cuisine, and its confused use of an apostrophe, and the face that it looks like a franchise store made me want to explore. It sufficiently piqued my curiosity that I was prepared to overlook the “Primo” banners that surround the cafe, and venture inside, with my kids, no less. As such, please excuse the blurriness of some of these photos – they were taken one-handed with a cameraphone while I nursed a baby with the other hand.

But I digress. The Window part of the name refers to how much glass there is surrounding the cafe – it’s floor to ceiling, it’s the gelato bar, even the fish tank. To keep everything looking tidy, there’s a feature display of window cleaning products:
window cleaner - window's coffee, bankstown

This place has a strong vietnamese heritage in its menu, and in some of the signage: there are a range of vietnamese coffee drinks on offer, in addition to the traditional western beverages. And they have two grinders – I’m told one is for caffeinated and one for decaf.

where the magic happens, window's coffee, bankstown

The coffee is better than I’m expecting – not amazing, but certainly drinkable. Where this place really shines, though, is the gelato – an impressive range of flavours (I try the sticky rice), each served in a large glass on a bed of diced watermelon, with a cocktail umbrella. If you’re in the neighbourhood looking for a gelato fix, then look no further.

a sense of the gelato selection and main counter, window's coffee, bankstown

Open 8am-10pm, every day.

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