Sydney Park Kiosk, St Peters

sydney park kiosk, st peters

Schibello Coffee. Sydney Park, St Peters. Near a children’s playground, and next to a dog park, this is an outdoor spot with few parallels. You have the choice of sitting in the sun, or on the shade, there is plenty of scope for kids to run around, and a constant procession of (for the most part) well behaved dogs having the time of their lives.

Kiosk is the operative word – you won’t find tablecloths or fine cutlery here, but there’s a good range of treats for kids and grown-ups, and a steady supply of coffee.

Speaking of coffee – there’s no decaf grinder in sight – it’s quite well made: pleasant to look at, and pleasant tasting (if a little overfrothed on top).

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  1. I've been there! Finally a place I've been to! But I had a lovely day there with some friends and their kids – grabbed a takeaway and sat on some sunny grass. Thanks for your great reviews!!!

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