the pie tin, newtown

the pie tin, newtown

Eureka Coffee. 1 Brown St, Newtown. Walking around in search of an ATM after emptying my wallet at Eveleigh markets, it was time for breakfast. I was heading back towards satellite espresso when I spotted this place – one I’d never been to before. Perhaps it was the stroller I was pushing, but I didn’t notice any signage, but just happened to glance in the window at the right time.

interior - the pie tin, newtown

Step inside and you’re presented with a new-meets-old design. This building has a long history, and they’re keen to revel in it – the table numbers are attached to vintage pie tins. There’s the usual table-and-chair seating, plus a giant communal table and a broad variety of choices of pies (made on the premises – part of the kitchen can be seen when you’re standing at the counter). For breakfast, there’s really only one option: the breakfast pie has egg, chorizo, roasted tomatoes and boston beans and tasted fantastic – it certainly suggests good things about the non-breakfast pies (you can read more about the menu elsewhere)

philosophy - the pie tin, newtown

Cutlery is available, but optional – there’s a written encouragement to eat the pie with your hands, rather than make your meal more formal: fair enough, but some napkins on the table would have been welcome!

Coffee is well made – they have a decaf grinder, and they take their coffee seriously, but I’m left thinking that the main drawcard here is going to be the food, not the drinks. If you have a craving for pie, head over and try them out!


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