Nikita espresso bar, Leura

nikta espresso bar, leura

Nikita coffee. 179 Leura Mall, Leura. Just when I thought I knew everything that Leura has to offer, I walked past this place – simple decor and furniture, minimalist menu, kitchen out the back. Though they were still getting the kinks out of the ordering system, there was a positive attitude and a desire to offer great customer service.

interior, nikta espresso bar, leura

At the end of the first day, there wasn’t a lot left of the extra bits and pieces that go with a cafe, but there was still plenty of coffee.

decaf grinder, nikta espresso bar, leura

Tucked out of the way is this tiny decaf grinder. We have here some contest for best coffee in the Blue Mountains. Granted, this was their first day open, and the staff were 10 hours into their first shift, but it was really, really worth drinking.

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