frangipani gelato and dessert bar, cronulla

frangipani: gelato, coffee, dessert - cronulla

Little Marionette coffee. 118 Cronulla Rd, Cronulla. This place moved to these larger premises only recently, and it’s gone – for me – from being a curiosity, and an optional part of a trip to Cronulla to being a highlight.

gelato at frangipani: gelato, coffee, dessert - cronulla

This is among the best Gelato I’ve ever had: creative flavours (try the Xmas pudding while it’s still in stock, if you can – amazing), reasonably priced ($4.50 for a single scoop, $5.80 for a double).

coffee at frangipani: gelato, coffee, dessert - cronulla

The pressure to do a good job with coffee at Cronulla is a cafe that has spent the last 10 years raising the bar of coffee in this part of Sydney. To try and compete, they have chosen Little Marionette coffee, and they’re doing a really good job: the shots are made carefully, and the crema on my decaf espresso (yes, decaf) is better  than I’ve seen in a lot of cafes in Sydney on their “real” espresso.

where the magic happens - frangipani: gelato, coffee, dessert - cronulla

If you’re in the Shire, and looking for dessert, this should be your first choice.

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