Nano Espresso, Surry Hills

nano espresso, surry hills

Nano Espresso Coffee (roasted by toby’s estate). 28 Albion St, Surry Hills. Apart from this sandwich board, I wouldn’t have noticed this place. I saw it on my way to Single Origin roasters, which is only a block away. This is a surprising place to set up a cafe that takes its coffee so seriously – there’s a sense that the coffee purists will be drawn back to Single O.

nano espresso, surry hills

Inside there are all manner of great little touches, the mini cups and saucers, miniature sauces: it’s a quirky, playful space. One wall is covered with astroturf, and there’s a chandelier made of takeaway coffee cups.

nano espresso, surry hills

Staff are friendly – the barista in particular is up for a chat, and the coffee is well made and very pleasant: it even comes with a free chocolate freckle, another good touch. I wish them every success.


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