aslan coffee, st peters

Aslan Coffee, St Peters

Aslan Coffee. 1 Council St, St Peters. In a little corner shop next to Camdenville Park in St Peters you’ll see this unassuming space. A little bit of outdoor seating, and some well-branded signage lets pedestrians know they’re in the right spot, but I’ve managed to drive past a couple of times without realising, so pay attention to the map below if you’re going to visit by car. Full disclosure: I know the barista who works here.

Blackboard - Aslan Coffee, St Peters

Walk through the door and you’ll notice this blackboard that tells a bit of the story of Aslan coffee. Their specialty is Indonesian single origin coffee, and they’re working on having a relationship with the farmers themselves. Note also that they have a foursquare special which can get you a discount on first check-in.

Tiny Roaster - Aslan Coffee, St Peters

As you step up to the machine, you’ll know they mean business with their coffee: two grinders and enough attention to detail to make sure you get the right spoon with the right cup for your order. Glance to your right and a tiny (2kg!) roaster is working away, turning single origin green beans from a hessian sack into their latest roasted offering. Establish yourself as a regular and you’ll have access to some very special coffees that will be hard to find elsewhere in Australia.

Where the magic happens - Aslan Coffee, St Peters

Coffee is really good. The decaf (a long black) has enough complexity to hold interest, and is very pleasant. A short black is a little grassy, and again has more to it than you might expect from a single origin.

Special mention to the babycino, which is a great mix of 90% froth, 10% milk, ready to drink, with a complimentary marshmallow.

Overall, it’s worth a visit – if it’s a pleasant day, they even have picnic blankets you can borrow and sit in the adjacent park.

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