at all and sundry, Woonona

At all and sundry, Woonona

Golden Cobra Coffee (including the Timothy Dalton decaf). 7/383-387 Princes Hwy, Woonona (down an alley, look for the yellow ramp). I had a conversation with someone I met at a party and found they were opening a cafe south of Sydney, north of Wollongong. A week after their grand opening, and I’m impressed enough to trek back and see what their normal Saturday trade looks like.

Princes Highway Signage - At all and sundry, Woonona

One of the challenges at first is to find the place – the street address indicates that you’re looking for a place on the Princes Highway, but you’re actually walking down a lane way in search of a large yellow ramp. Step inside (or sit outside on the garden benches) and you can sample a menu of delicious food, and some of the best coffee you’re likely to sample in the south of Sydney.

Where the magic happens - At all and sundry, Woonona

There’s a variety of methods of coffee preparation on offer here: the usual espresso variations, but also aeropress, pour-over and filter for those who are interested. For the non-coffee-drinking crowd, there are tea craft teas. Order a beverage, and you’ll be treated to a variety of cups and saucers from a simpler time.

Outdoor seating - At all and sundry, Woonona

This is counter-balanced with the modern, bright colours of the outdoor furniture, and the indoor seats that are, for want of a better word, reminiscent of old church hall furniture.

avocado on sourdough - At all and sundry, Woonona

Food is of an excellent calibre, well prepared – I’m looking forward to a trip back somewhere around a mealtime so I can sample something more substantial than avocado with olive oil on sourdough toast ($6).

Decaf Piccolo latte - At all and sundry, Woonona

Coffee is really the best news of the place. The best decaf coffee I’ve had in a long time, and delivered consistently. Ask Josh – the man behind the counter – and you’ll receive an education on the nuances of coffee selection: worth the price of the coffee in itself.

Highly recommended.

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