Kosmopolitan cafe, Hurstville

kosmopolitan cafe, hurstville

Toby’s Estate Coffee. 65A Gloucester Rd, Hurstville. This place – well outside the main shops of Hurstville – has that relaxing lounge room feeling that tends to be absent in the heart of a Westfield.

kosompolitan cafe - seating at the back, Hurstville

The walls are lined with pictures of various famous places and buildings, enough to provide a talking point for a conversation with a new acquaintance. 

Kosmopolitan Cafe, Hurstville

Coffee is well made: ground to order (even the decaf) and the milk-work is quite good. Worth a visit if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised. It's well away from Forest Rd and Westfield, which helps, I think.

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