Brewtown Newtown, Newtown

Brewtown Newtown

Brewtown coffee (they roast their own coffee on site). 6-8 O’Connell St, Sydney.

I never made it to Berkelouw Books in Newtown, though often meant to make the journey. Alas, I’ve left it too late, as it’s been replaced by a cafe. Around a six-week fit out to remove the shelves, bring in the fixtures and fittings as you see them.

Part of the wider trend in Sydney towards larger cafe hubs, like the grounds, kitchen by mike, and the Fountain St compound where Campos has its flagship store, this is a cafe on a grand scale.

Brewtown Newtown - interior

Sadly, if you want to see the place this empty, you’ll need to visit at opening time on a weekday somewhere near New Year’s Day – this is a very popular place, and deservedly so.

Brewtown Newtown - coffee cup

Here’s a decaf long black, which arrives at the table with even more crema. You’ll notice the branded cups – lending a sense of uniformity to the whole experience.

Brewtown Newtown - long black and syphon

The star of the show is the syphon bar – computer (Android tablet) controlled syphons that can be programmed in terms of water temperature and agitation. With all the decaf I drink, I haven’t had a lot of syphon coffee, but it’s a very clean way to drink coffee – there’s not much in the way of oil, and it’s delivered at a drinkable temperature.

Brewtown Newtown - corn beef hash

The food is really good. I’m a bit partial to corn beef hash, so I try it out. The eggs are really well poached, but I do prefer my corn beef to be melting apart a little more.

Brewtown Newtown - polenta

It’s the baked polenta that really shines. I don’t particularly like polenta, and yet this is irresistible.

Brewtown Newtown is doing great work. If you can head over there, you should make time to visit.

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