In my mid twenties I was eating a salad, and then, chewing down on an errant piece of lettuce, one of my teeth broke. My days of being invincible were over. Since then, I’ve been going back to that same dentist every six months. For I while, when I’d go in for this biannual clean-and-scale, […]


It’s been a sad week. First I want to spend a moment acknowledging the sadness of two families whose lives merged in a tragic way this week, with the death of a five-year-old boy who was hit by a car while walking to school with his Mum. An intersection I walked past every day on my […]


It’s been a long year, but I’ve finished two more college subjects and have only one to go. I’m celebrating by taking some time out with the family. Looking forward to it, and to starting to plan out some new projects (and my last college subject).


Time for reflection is rare at the moment: my dance card (as it were) is pretty full at the moment, and it doesn’t leave a lot of time for thinking big thoughts. At least it’s only for a season. I’ve had this idea for a post percolating for a while. Here we go.   I […]