turning 40

Ten years ago, I carved out a Saturday and invited whoever wanted to turn up to an all-day cafe crawl. For the transition from 39 to 40, life is a little differently structured. We had a couple of family events the weekend before my birthday, lunch with my coworkers on the day, an ice cream […]

back on the horse

Having reached an inflection point in my current workload, it’s time to try and recreate the habit of regular writing. I’m continuing to read, though it’s mostly a mix of online news sources related to tech and social media online news sources related to Christian thinking social media updates half-completed books on the Kindle  my friend […]


I read the Bible this morning, as I do pretty-much every morning. I’ve been crawling my way through Acts a few verses at a time. This morning I finished chapter 25. Paul is slowly, slowly, making his way towards Rome. When Acts is read quickly, it’s dominated by the big narrative arc: a bunch of people taking Jesus’ message […]

Notes from parenting course

Kel and I went to a parenting course this weekend: there were lots of notes handed out, but there were also a few additional recommendations made: both books and articles. If you want a better understanding of parenting, these resources might be helpful: Maggie Hamilton: Our Girls The Confidence Gap Carol Dweck: Mindset The world needs […]


A couple of moments I wanted to scribble down. Both involve my two year old daughter, who I don’t often mention on the blog. In the last week, she has started wearing shoes. She loves walking and running (having started out with these hobbies fairly late), and the shoes have opened up a world of […]