Magazi espresso, north sydney

Grinders coffee. On the staion end of walker st – 53 – is this buzzing espresso and sandwich bar. Well prepared for the morning rush, the breads, bagels, condiments, even rows of 2L milk bottles are arranged ready to go.

Staff are friendly and efficient, giving me a delay to look at the menu before asking for my order. Indoor and outdoor seating, all sheltered from the elements. I’d never thought to visit here, but it’s certainly a solid place. Coffee is the usual grinders coffee, if you’re a fan of grinders, you can expect pretty much the same thing anywhere it’s served in north sydney, although the milk here was a little thin.

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  1. called this restaurant & spoke to an absolute PIG of a male
    I thought i had the wrong number so asked where i had called
    male flatly refused to tell me where i had called.
    I advised male that i could be trying to make a delivery,
    could be calling from the health department or anywhere
    male pig adv he doesnt have to justify himself to me
    as he was busy making coffee & hung up
    i will be letting all my friends,family & associates know just what kind of service they can expect from Magazi espresso

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