Wild berry café, north sydney

Lavazza coffee. On berry st, another sandwich bar / cafe; mostly low-lit indoor seating, with a few outdoro tables for the smokers. A big tv plays sky news at a low volume.

The coffee itself is an enigma: starting out as a really bad cup on first taste, it moves around to peaks of being merely disappointing, before settling on bad. Your experience may vary, but I won’t be back for the coffee.

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  1. I know you are under new management- but I had a sandwhich yesterday the bread was dry today I ordered a wrap to take away- chicken carrot, sundried tom and cucumber- over $10 you are having a laugh that is rediculous price I will never be eating from your cafe again and I am not the only one get real !!

  2. Hey, NCI; this isn’t actually a cafe that I run, but perhaps they’ll spot the comment. I’ve been meaning to re-visit since they changed management, but with my recent decaf-kick, I haven’t found the time.

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