Panzerotti café, Wynyard

Panzerotti café, wynyard
Schibello coffee. A panzerotto is an italian pastry, usually filled with custard, and – if memory serves – coated with sugar. As you’d expect from its name, panzerotti has a few of these pastries on offer, with diverse fillings. Unusually for a city café, they also sell a range of dry pastas and other take-home options.

With five staff behind the counter, and seating for only around 15, this place must do a roaring trade in office-worker takeaway: indeed, their buy-6-get-one-free cards mention that they’ll deliver an order of five or more coffees to the office!

Coffee is regularly ground, though not to order. My decaf is prepared swiftly, and starts out very pleasant. It goes downhill towards the end, but a solid performance.

This is the first café of its size that I’ve seen that has a wheelchair ramp.

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