Cordial Café, Newtown

Cordial café., newtown

Update (20-07-2009): Closed Mondays

Golden cobra coffee. Shop 8, 130 Carillion Ave, Newtown. A range of seating options, from “top gear” inspired bench seats, to a mid-size commual table, and a range of outdoor tables. A range of polite, well-groomed locals spend time here savouring a coffee and a read of the communal newspapers, while uni students gather together at other tables for a gossip session.

Food here is excellent, and generous serving sizes abound. The poached eggs are reputed as the best in newtown, and I look forward to a return visit to test that theory.

Coffee – roasted in Mascot – is really good. A very large flat white showcases the excellent milk work and free-pour latte art, while a double-ristretto-picollo gives the bean itself a welcome showing. Its campos heritage is apparent, but it’s a smooth, never bitter drop with a long-lingering aftertaste.

As a destination for writers, it’s easy to imagine yourself in a corner here, working away furiously for a while: the place seems big enough to allow someone some space for a while without feeling forced to leave.

Cordial Cafe

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