Six Seven Ate, Chippendale

Café six seven ate, chippendale

Allpress coffee. 67 Abercrombie St, Chippendale. Take a tiled kitchen, and put a café in the front of it, and you have this place. I’m not saying the kitchen is out back, but rather that the café’s seating is in its kitchen. Staff are friendly, and always working on something.

Coffee is made in front of you: from most seats, you can see the extraction descend into the cup. This decaf: pre-ground long ago, has the last vestiges of crema, and is then swamped by creamy, frothed milk at a temperature that’s ready to drink.

I noticed this place a long time ago, and have tried to visit before, but it’s always been closed. As a writer’s destination, the tables are small, and it faces a busy road, so even when the place is empty, there’s some soothing background noise, and some visual distraction if you need a break.

Six Seven Ate, Chippendale

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  1. Hi Just wanted to let you know we have just won a Bronze Medal at the Royal Easter Show 2008 for our very Own Chunky Beef Pies. Hope to you see you back to try them

    Thanks Suzanne (owner)

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