Boxa bar, hurstville

Schibello coffee. Concrete floor inside, pavers outside with a few extra seats: a pleasant spot for a coffee, if you can get past the widescreen TV on the wall that is always broadcasting sport.

Coffee takes a while, the large coffee is very large. Not too bad, though the first sip is a high-point. A little thin, but amply drinkable.

Update: June 16, 2009. Revisited this cafe at the suggestion of a reader: the place has been reworked considerably: there’s still a strong boxing theme, including framed photos of Anthony Mundine, and other boxers. The TV now seems less intrusive – it seems to be mounted higher on the wall, and the volume down from previous visits.

I couldn’t actually see a menu on the tables or behind the counter, but I’m told that the menu has been simplified: there were a few tasty-sounding specials written up on a blackboard in one corner.

The biggest improvement was the coffee: I wasn’t expecting a great deal from the decaf, given that there’s no dedicated grinder, but it was really good: just a hint of sweetness on top of an otherwise pleasant cup.

Worth a re-visit.

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  1. Im from brisbane and want to purcahse some boxa gear before his fight in brisbane… where and how can i purchase this stuff from where i am?!?!?!

  2. Dined at BOXA cafe while over from W.A great food, great service, and enjoyed the experience. Go the MAN

  3. Hi I am very interested in some boxa clothing does anybody know the web site were I can take a look at the merchandise so I can make a order with the lovely people at the Boxa bar. GO THE MAN, you are the champ

  4. Just wanting to know where i could buy some Boxa gear from t-shirt and hats for me and my family

  5. There’s currently no way to buy Boxa Bar gear online, but if you contact the cafe, they should be able to help you. According to the whitepages, the phone number for the cafe is (02) 9585 2600.

  6. Sorry – just to update – wait a week (2nd week of Dec) as the ordering online is not quite finished – you get all the way through until the postage bit and then the site errors out. As a result I drove in on the weekend and bought what i needed there. They are aware of the online issue and he said a week and it should be resolved.

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