TJ’s coffee house, penshurst

Piazza d’oro coffee. A little hole in the wall, with a broad coffee menu and a number of food choices. A few small tables and chairs outside, where you can get some fresh air, and watch for your train.

Decaf is disappointing: a few technical errors, and no crema to speak of. Bearable, but not a great cup.

Update: according to the commenters, the caffeinated coffee is really good.

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  1. This place does great decaf, I go there regularly for a soy decaf latte. Yes the shop is tiny but the service is very good!

  2. I love TJ’s coffee, they make great mocha’s and are very friendly. They go out of their way to keep my daughter happy which enables me to enjoy my morning hit!!! I have recommended them to a few friends all of which have returned for more…

  3. TJ’s does the best coffee in Penshurst, in fact the best in the local area. Dave – I think you must go again because I have not had one bad coffee from there.

  4. This is my favourite place to grab a coffee, lived in Leichhardt for a few years and just moved back to this area and to be honest I think the cappucinos are just as good! Jenna who works there on the weekend is great and looks after all her patrons always with a smile!

  5. This Cafe Rocks!! I am usually not a coffee drinker, however this place has really picked up its Coffee, by the sounds of the above comment they hae come a long way. The staff are great, the coffee is even better! I have taken seasoned coffee drinkers here, and there has been no complaints at all only admiration for the “hole in the wall”. Actually it reminds me of a coffee shop that is frequented by my family in France….. I have tried various coffee shops in the Penshurst Mortdale and Hurstville areas and this the best by far!!! keep up the GREAT work Guys………………….

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