Lattecino deli express, Concord West

Lattecino deli express, concord west

Espresso di Manfredi coffee. 21a Victoria Ave, Concord West. Restaurant-level service is provided – better than you would expect in a cafe. As such, the prices are a little higher than you might hope: while you can get a takeaway wrap for $6, if you eat in, the price goes up to $8. The lunch specials vary between $16 and $22, but as they’re targeting the showy-lunch-for-office-worker demographic, this is still a reasonable price point.

Coffee is good: it’s well-made, sweet on first taste and then settles down to being a standard Manfredi.

If you’re visiting for the coffee – which is worthwhile in itself, you might like to try out the gelato that’s on offer: I was pushed for time, and so didn’t get a chance, but it looks excellent.

Open from 7am, except on Sundays (8am).

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