Espresso bar, Pavilion Plaza, Sydney Town Hall.

Espresso bar, pavilion plaza, sydney town hall. Espresso di manfredi coffee. More food court outlet than café, three staff work with ruthless efficiency. The coffees are churned out methodically, toast and coffee are ready at the same time. One possible issue: there’s no seating. Despite the pace, the coffee is very good: temperature and texture […]

2 Park Espresso – Citigroup Building, Sydney

2 Park Espresso – Citigroup building, sydney Espresso di manfredi coffee. 2 Park St, Sydney. Fast, efficient, and looking like they go through a lot of milk; there are comfortable armchairs for drinking coffee, and a small range of breakfast and lunch options. Coffee is good; hot, yet drinkable, thick, but not too thick. A […]

Café Esco Bar, Paddington

Café esco bar, paddington Espresso di Manfredi coffee. 388 Oxford St, Paddington. Long, galley-style café on oxford St: also a licensed bar and restaurant. Metal tables, somewhat dim lighting, and slow service.   Once someone has spotted me, things improve remarkably; coffee is brought out swiftly, a menu too.   Coffee is fine tasting, drinkable […]