Elizabeth’s Boutique Cafe, Glebe

Elizabeth's boutique cafe, Glebe

Five senses coffee. 175 Glebe Point Rd. With a rustic interior: tiles and tabletops in maroon, walls in yellow and blue, this place still manages to maintain a sense of the present day. A small courtyard out the back provides some solace from Glebe Point Rd, and there’s a high chair and changing facilities if you have a small child with you.

Coffee is roasted for elizabeth’s by five senses coffee in Melbourne, and they’re running three grinders – one for decaf, one for the house blend, and one for an Ethiopian Harrar.

The decaf is really good: sweet and earthy, with some notes of cream. Not the cheapest place in Glebe, but one that shows commitment to quality in food and drink alike.

Links: Facebook Page for the cafe and its Official website.

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  1. OMG! From 1984 to 1994 that was my cafe, Caffe Troppo! How things have changed – Glebe Point Road is recovering slowly after the last 10 years of decline.

    1. Greetings Ken
      On my to do list found old recipe been carrying around since Adam n Eve decided to Make Savoury pumpkin pie recipe from Caffe troppo Glebe requested by Kim Oliver NeutralBay NSW. done as recipe says used 23cm pie dish BUT have excess filling so look like need to make more Short crust pastry to do another pie 2010 now so not sure if you made the Savoury pumpkin pie or had delivered in .Lucky for me next door give me eggsas need 6 eggs also didn’t say ifif dried or fresh herbs except for the basil says dried basil or rosemary but I used all dried
      Parsley thyme basil oregano
      6 eggs 150 mls sour cream teaspn each cummin nutmeg cardamon so do hope tastes good Kim Christina Farrell Plympton Park S.A. A Novice cook.

  2. Wow! It must be odd to see it look (presumably) so different!

    I lived in Glebe briefly in 1997: it’s hard to keep up with how much it has changed over the years, and yet there are the staples like Badde Manors and Well Connected that have been around the whole time.

    It’s encouraging to see some really good food available in places.

  3. a surprise mothers’ day brunch here already has me thinking of who else to introduce to this cafe. I’m also putting it on my list of eating out places when we get to spoil ourselves with breakfast/brunch out.

    lovely food, lovely atmosphere and friendly staff.

  4. Yes – very different. Volume is king in a small cafe and we managed to (comfortably) squeeze 80 people downstairs in the front and the rear courtyard. Looks like they barely fit half that now, making the business much more challenging…

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