20 Subway Snacks, Sydney Central station

20 Subway Snacks, Central station

Lavazza coffee. Devonshire St tunnel exit of Sydney Central station. This is the kind of place that I normal move straight past on my way to wherever else I have to be. Likewise, I’ve had so few positive experiences with Lavazza coffee that I haven’t reviewed a place that sells it for quite a while.

Nonetheless, the sign above the door – “Best bacon and eggs in Sydney” and “Famous for our variety of jaffles” – made me curious, so I thought I would give it a try.

As you can tell from the photo, this is something of a takeaway food store: in addition to some gum and other snacks, there’s a full sandwich bar, a choice of jaffles, and deep fried foods. The bacon and egg roll is perfectly fine, better than you might fear from a place with a deep fryer as a major cooking implement, but I don’t think “Best bacon and eggs” should be handed over quite so easily.

It’s a nutty, flat decaf with no grinder in sight but you can’t beat it for proximity to the station!

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  1. true, convenience is great at this take-away.

    but with so many cafes just out of the devonshire st tunnell, it becomes a bit of a “why bother” kind of place for me. i have only had bad experiences at that place, and it sort of reminds me of a place only an addict would go to – people that need their hot chip / coffee / sandwich hit RIGHT NOW rather than waiting / exploring further.

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