Presse Cafe, Sydney

Presse Cafe, Sydney

Presse coffee, teadrop tea. 50 Pitt St, Sydney CBD. There’s a flurry of activity at the $2 toast station – two staff are flat out filling the pre-work orders. The cafe has an arcade style layout – you can walk through the building lobby from Pitt St to Elizabeth St. As I walk in, what catches my eye is the wooden tables with chess-piece like legs.

There are lunches at a range of price points. Salads and wraps are $5. Turkish sandwiches a little more, but they’re freshly made on site, and look very appealing. Muffins and banana bread on sale, and a range of self-serve pastries.

Coffee is really good; no decaf grinder in sight, but it’s a bright, sweet drop, smooth to drink.

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