Coffee Garam, Surry Hills

Coffee Garam, surry hills

Vittoria coffee. 29 Bellevue Street, Surry Hills. Unusually for the way I find a cafe, I think this one came to my attention via foursquare and twitter. It was just far enough out of the way from my usual paths around the city that it had been on the “to-visit” list for a while. I was indeed glad that I made a visit.

I was trying to keep my blogging credentials quiet, as I always do on a first visit, but couldn’t help but talk to the owner – Harvey – about what I should order. He mentioned another blog review of his cafe, and asked if I could tweet about my visit, or comment on the coffee garam website.

I hope this review does the trick. First the food. Make sure when you arrive that you establish yourself as someone who is interested in trying Indian food. They’re surrounded by people who demand boring, mainstream cuisine, and yet they’re trying to create something amazing. We’re not talking about the usual naan and curries here, but rather it’s Indian street-stall food.

I ask them to recommend something for me, and I get the samosa chaat:

samosa chard, coffee garam, surry hills

It’s delicious. A couple of samosas have been cut in half, and covered with a number range of different sauces – it’s a great balance of different flavours, and is just on the edge of the heat that my mouth is comfortable with.

decaf latte and their own take on lemonade, coffee garam, surry hills

They don’t seem to have a decaf grinder, but it’s a pleasant enough, drinkable coffee. In the picture, you can also see their specialty, Indian lemonade (syrup made on site): it actually has spices in it!

Go there, tell them you like Indian food and aren’t afraid to try something new. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I am glad that you tried the samosa chaat. Last time when I was there, I tried the samosa chaat, it was the best I tried so far in Sydney. Can’t wait to go there again on Sat to try other different Indian Snack.

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