The Little Queen cafe, Chippendale

The Little Queen cafe, Chippendale

Allpress coffee. 28-30 Queen St, Chippendale. With windows at street level, it’s down a few stairs to the main space, which seats about 20.

communal table, little queen cafe, chippendale

Fresh flowers on the communal table separate out the space a little, and underneath there are a wide range of magazines and newspapers to wade through.

blackboard wall - little queen cafe, chippendale

Most of the space has dark walls, with an almost Campos-green feature colour throughout, and then there’s this corner:

photo wall - little queen cafe, chippendale

Spectacular colours, and Union Jack cushion covers bring home the “Queen” theme (if you look closely near the cash register, you can see a little statue of the Queen).

salad of the day - little queen cafe, chippendale

They manage to do a lot in the small space – there’s a freshly made salad of the day on offer, and some of the biggest sandwiches I’ve ever seen in a cafe ($9, unreviewed).

where the magic happens - little queen cafe, chippendale

I heard about this place via the brasserie bread blog, and thought I should check it out.

coffee in the window - little queen cafe, chippendale

Coffee is pleasant; pre-ground, but still a hint of sweetness.

Water is self-serve.

Update 24-11-10: They also have a little queen cafe facebook page with a daily update of their salad, and muffin of the day (thanks mei.

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