Utopia Coffee, Circular Quay (Sydney)

utopia coffee, circular quay

Allpress Espresso. 7 Macquarie Place, Sydney. Small floorspace, the majority of the which is for queueing, with a few seats along the wall. There’s outdoor seating which isn’t very appealing on the cold, rainy day that I visit.

where the magic happens - utopia coffee, circular quay

Cross the threshhold, and you can read a large, clear board and make your purchase decision. The food prices are a little harder to discern – I end up spending $7 on a muesli / berry / yoghurt combination, a little above my comfort zone for such a purchase, but this is the expensive end of town, so it’s not that much of a surprise.

menu selection - utopia coffee, circular quay

The food options are attractively presented, and a subtle “brasserie bread” sign points to some attractive lunch options, perhaps for another day.

Coffee is surprisingly good – even the decaf latte is of a high standard, and a warming start to a cold day.

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