Safira Verde, Wolloomooloo

safira verde - woolloomooloo
Lavazza coffee. 63 Crown St., Woolloomooloo. Just around the corner from Toby’s Estate Woolloomooloo is this place – eclectic mix of furniture, toys for kids to play with, a series of high chairs, and some signs warning parents to be careful with the furniture. It’s a really pleasant space to spend time, to read one of the books on the shelves, or to catch up with a friend.

where the magic happens - safira verde - woolloomooloo still seems to be in beta a long time after the cafe opened, and so I came in expecting Campos coffee. It wasn’t until after I’d ordered that I saw the Lavazza cups.

You might struggle to find the menu elsewhere online: here’s a shot of the chalkboard. I had the grilled chicken and avocado toasted sandwich – well executed, and recommended.

menu - safira verde - woolloomooloo

Not quite so recommended is the coffee. The decaf is pre-ground and – while all care is spent in putting it together – it’s not something that I’ll be heading back for. The food and the atmosphere is really the winner here.

Monday – Friday: 8am-4:30pm
Saturday: 9am-4:30pm
Sunday: closed

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