mio mia cafe, ultimo

mio mia cafe, ultimo

Genevese Coffee. 645 Harris St, Ultimo. About a block towards Pyrmont from Mecca Ultimo this place has emerged. The most noteworthy feature internally is the wallpaper – it looks like there ‘s a massive library on one wall, but it’s just a picture. They have comfortable seating, lots of sourdough sandwiches in two size choices, complementary water is offered, and they have a good range of cakes – even macaroons!

Where the magic happens - mio mia cafe, Ultimo

There’s no decaf grinder – the pre-ground decaf lives in a glass container on a shelf above and to the left of the coffee machine. As a result, it’s okay, but not spectacular. The strength of this place seems to be in food rather than coffee: the sandwiches are very good.

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