three blue ducks, bronte

three blue ducks, bronte

Single Origin Roasters coffee. 143 Macpherson St, Bronte. One of the top-rated cafes in the new SMH Sydney Cafe Guide, this seemed like a good place to go for breakfast on a weekday off. Arriving for a late breakfast with a couple of small children (even if they’re well trained for cafe behaviour) you never know how well you’ll be received. And the staff here were a mixed bag: some were friendly and helpful, others made me feel like I was keeping them from something more important they had to do – not a great first impression.

eponymous ducks - three blue ducks, bronte

Once we were seated, though, everything was fine. The cafe has been so popular that they have taken over two adjacent shops with an alley of sorts between them – walk down the alley and you’ll see these three blue ducks, and – in the backyard – a vegetable garden and even a chicken run!

chickens - three blue ducks, bronte 

After taking a distracted child for a walk to meet the chickens, it was back to the table where the breakfast had already arrived!

breakfast - three blue ducks, bronte

Fruit toast for the kids, and for the grown-ups: coddled eggs, and the wild rice, quinoa and spelt porridge.

herb shelfs - three blue ducks, bronte

The cafe has a real commitment to growing its own food where it can. There’s a herb garden in the alley to add to the vegetable garden.

where the magic happens - three blue ducks, bronte

Coffee is really good – the single origin on offer (Panama) is well made, with a rich crema, and their decaf is well made and very pleasant. Worth a visit equally for the food or the coffee.

If you’re bringing kids along, keep in mind they don’t have high chairs.

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