thyme square, hornsby

thyme square, hornsby

Jack and the Bean coffee. 43a Florence St, Hornsby (near, but outside of, Westfield). A reader recommended if I’m ever on the north side I should check this place out, and so I headed up to Hornsby to have a look. They’ve clearly had some success: a mix of indoor and outdoor seating is on offer, the interior has a real sense of class about it without being pretentious, and there’s some level of rapport between regular customers and staff – always good to see.

outsdoor seating - thyme square, hornsby

A quick walk-through. There are steps to get in, and steps to move inside to the cash register / seating area, and a couple of extra steps down to the bar, where you can find a large bathroom (including nappy change facilities). Patrons are a little crammed in, but they seem to be enjoying the varied menu.

bar area - thyme square, hornsby

Coffee is a pleasant surprise – some of the bean hunter reviews were not kind, but the fresh-ground decaf (after waiting a number of minutes) was pleasant – easily the best coffee I’ve had in Hornsby. Thanks Daniel for the recommendation!

where the magic happens - thyme square, hornsby


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