The Foundery, Port Kembla

The Foundery, Port Kembla

Wild Fox coffee. 142 Wenworth St, Port Kembla. There are a number of coffee roasters cropping up outside of Sydney, and this cafe first came up in conversation because of the roasters. More interesting, though, is the ownership and raison d’être of the cafe. It’s run by the Salvation Army as a way to give long-term unemployed people a set of skills they can build up to get back into the workforce.

Entryway - the Foundery, Port Kembla

There’s a lot of reclaimed timber in the fit-out, and a second hand bookshop with an enviable collection of books for very reasonable prices.

Where the magic happens - The Foundery, Port Kembla

Coffee is well put together – certainly well above what you might hope for out of a cafe in Port Kembla, and would stand well on its own. There’s cold drip on offer, and a range of hot or cold espresso drinks. The menu is simple (sandwiches and wraps for the most part), but well put together. It’s a venture worth supporting.